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Direct Superior Hip Replacement

What is Direct Superior Hip Replacement?

Direct superior hip replacement is a minimally invasive surgery that provides your surgeon access to the hip joint with minimum displacement or damage to the surrounding muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Indications for Hip Replacement

Hip replacement may be indicated to treat conditions such as arthritis, avascular necrosis and childhood hip disease. Surgery is suggested when:

Potential Benefits of Direct Superior Hip Replacement

The potential benefits of the direct superior hip replacement are:

Preoperative Preparation for Direct Superior Hip Replacement

Your doctor may design certain exercises to perform before the surgery to help strengthen the muscles that support your hip joint. A complete physical examination and lab tests will be conducted. You must inform your doctor about regular medications that you are on, as they may have to be stopped a few days prior to the surgery. 

Procedure for Direct Superior Hip Replacement

The surgery is performed with you lying on their side. A small incision is made on the posterior side of your hip. Access is gained to the hip joint through the muscles in your buttocks without disrupting the iliotibial band and other important muscles. The damaged tissue is removed, the surgical site is prepared for the implant and the implant is then placed.

Postoperative Precautions after Direct Superior Hip Replacement

Immediately after the surgery you will be prescribed pain medication to keep you comfortable. You will be encouraged to start weight-bearing, walking with support, and participating in physical therapy as soon as possible to prevent joint stiffness and optimize joint function. The direct superior hip replacement does not require too many postoperative precautions as the risk of hip dislocation with normal activities after this surgery is very low.

Risks Associated with Direct Superior Hip Replacement

The direct superior hip replacement surgery is a very safe procedure; however, as with any surgery, there is a minimal risk of complications such as 

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